Collaboration With Charity Will Break Your Band

A an amendment to my blog post yesterday, lets make everything an event.

Where would your band be if you committed to working with 4 separate charities a year. The possibilities are endless, but here are just some quick ideas.

-Host a charity show that is co-promoted with the charity.

– Create a series of merchandise (related to your band) with a visual artist that benefits a specific charity. Host a party to kick off the event.

– Write a song related to a specific cause and pitch it to a charity. Get them to release it, or get them to sponsor the production of a whole albums worth of songs related to their cause. Want help with this? email me

– offer to book a series of shows, with your band as the host all benefiting a specific cause or charity. Choose bands that are more popular than yourself to headline these events. This puts you in a position to leverage your band, while still helping the charity.

None of these ideas will make you money directly, but that is the point. The publicity, and karma, and relationships that you build through a commitment like this can be just the push your band needs. What are you waiting for? I am here to help. If you commit to this kind of thing, so will I.

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