Barefoot Recording Studio Back To Analog Recording

At the end of June, Barefoot Recording Studio (the studio that I work out of most often) will be rewiring to accomodate:

A Neve 8816 Summing Mixer

This unit takes the outputs of protools, and sums it together in the analog domain. Why? you ask…
Analog summing creates subtle, yet important harmonic distortions which are often precieved as wider, punchier, more 3D. Better yet, it is a more elegant way to incorporate the already slick collection of outboard gear to a mix.

This upgrade will also allow for use of the Sony/ MCI 2″ Tape Machine. Why would I want to record to tape? The question is complex, but here are some great reasons:

-Tape has a certain sound. It is an analogy of the incoming signal, not a sample of it (digital). There is a smoothness that cannot be had in digital.

– Tape compression sounds unlike any other compression. Tape naturally compresses music in a pleasing and harmonically rich manner

– There is no undo! You have to commit to your performances. It is a limitation that has created some of the best records in history.

– You can brag to your friends “oh I recorded that to tape man….”

These are just some of the reasons that I could come up with quickly. Have more important reasons why tape is still an important medium, let me know. We will be offering rental reels, so buying tape will not be a problem. hit me up with an email, and we can set up a studio tour of Barefoot and the new additions.

Shane O'Connor Recording


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