Video is a REQUIRED change.

As I have discussed, for some artists the album is over. For other artists, the album has just changed it’s face into something that has to be devided/ remixed/ reworded/ and newly packaged.

Video, on the other hand, cannot be ignored. It is the new album for some. It is the new radio for others. In our cluttered internet landscape, it is harder to avoid a video than it is to ignore audio or text. Simply put, video is more emotional.

So what does that mean for a musician? It means that the notion of recording your songs in a studio and putting it on your website might not be good enough anymore. There is another step in the process that has to be considered.

I was talking with a good friend of my mine last night, who has just started a really awesome new band. He told me that he had no interested in releasing music recorded in studios. He only wants to make amazing videos of live performances. I was put in my place.

Here are some videos I love.

One response to “Video is a REQUIRED change.

  1. Partly true I think… although if people actually only listened (and used one sense instead of two) they might be touched even more by the music. I know that I love listening to music with my eyes closed, but I guess I may be among a small crowd. Though you may be right about video being a necessary part of the package now, I sincerely hope that audio quality doesn’t suffer because of it (like it has currently for the most part).

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