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I was recently interviewed by David Weiss at about the Brooklyn Heat Compilation Project.

You can read the interview HERE.

2010 A Year In Review:

This has been one of the most exciting years in music for me in a long time. On a personal level, New York City has become a great place for me to develop relationships and grow as a producer, engineer and a musician. From a recording industry standpoint, I am seeing more big studios close, and more small studios pop up with new ways of providing awesome service to niche markets. The home studio gear, even in the last year, has jumped leaps and bounds in quality and affordability.
As a musician, I am seeing more and more artists finally accept that the old guard of labels has come to an end and is a fools dream. I see this in increased crowd funding, smarter merchandise and more creative touring strategies. What I haven’t seen disappear is the need for a tribal association that a label once gave. I am seeing collaboratives on bands/ musicians/ artists popping up and developing great alliances that are far more valuable than a former label association.
This collaborative spirit was the inspiration behind the Brooklyn Heat compilation project that I launched last month. If you aren’t hip to the project yet, I was granted some free studio time to create a document of some interesting rock bands from the Brooklyn area in the summer of 2010. The project was released for free, digitally at I am brainstorming with some other people about the future of the project and what I may be able to do with it. I don’t want to start a record label, but I would like the artists that I work with to have a community to lean on for booking, promotion, creative backing, as well as physical resources. You will hear much more about this project in the new year. We are doing a project launch:

Brooklyn Heat Project Launch
January 20th 9pm
@ Coco 66 (66 Greenpoint Ave Brooklyn NY)
Gunfight/ QuietLoudly (collaborative performance)
Magnetic Island
Little Racer

As suggested by Seth Godin ( I am compiliting a list of projects that I did this year, and I highly suggest you do the same. I think as creative people we often get so wrapped up in our current endeavours that we forget about the pile of completed projects behind us. In general, I think this is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with being in the moment with our art, but it is also good to evaluate what has been completed as a trail marker.

“Lifelike”- LP by: Xylofaux
“Notorious Darling Asteriod” -LP by: De Osos
“Gunshot Lover”- EP by: Blackbutton
“Dogs On Television” -LP by: Dogs On Television
“The Jangula”- EP by: The Jangula
“The Duck Wife”- LP by: Grub Animal
“ Kyle Hernandez Trio”- EP by: Kyle Hernandez
“The False Alarms” -EP by: The False Alarms
“Classy Like A Money Shot”- LP by: Orphan Killbot
“Neko Neko”- EP by: Reign State
“ Brooklyn Heat”- Compilation
“For A While” – Single by: Kelli Eagan
“Burn 2 Quick/ Undone”- Singles by: Befellows
“Everything Changes” -LP by: Ted Strauss
“ Wolf With An E” – Feature Film Mix by: David Zuckerman

I am probably forgetting a lot of projects, but these are the ones that I can remember right now. I hope to continue making your records next year. I have some new projects lined up already that are bound to be really exciting.

Hit me up with your plans for 2011. Lets make it happen


here is a review i did of the ADK mics f

here is a review i did of the ADK mics for instrument recording:

Brooklyn Heat Compilation Project

I am excited to announce the launch of Brooklyn Heat. Brooklyn Heat 2010 is a compilation record of Brooklyn area artists that I feel are doing something interesting right now.

There are 6 bands involved. I recorded these bands in the summer of 2010 at Monsterland Recording Studio. Each band took one day to complete one song to completion. I mixed, mastered and engineered each song.

You can download this record for free:

Thank you to everyone involved. Quilty, Quietloudly, Gunfight, Little Racer, Magnetic Island, Shark? and Jocelyn Cabral for great artwork.

Adam Hofmann Revival

Adam Hofmann is pushing hard to get his record done with style. Instead of focusing on the release of the record… he is focusing on promoting the process.

Promote the recording process.

Promote a slow release of individual songs instead of one failed push at releasing an album.

Harbor interest in the band brand as a whole, instead of just the music.

Help to push for a good cause.

Ignore what everyone else is doing!

Mixing with Kelli Eagan at Q Division Recording Studio

Here are some pictures from a recent recording session at Q Division Recording Studio in Boston. I mixed 3 new songs for the upcoming album by Kelli Eagan.

Reign State EP Streaming

Reign State just finished a 5 song EP with me at Monsterland Recording Studio in Brooklyn NY.

Thoughts On Getting Signed

I am continually asked by musicians about the mysterious inner secrets of the music business.

How do I find a manager that can get me signed?

What entertainment lawyer should I bug?

Do you know of any labels that would sign me and hand me lots of money?

How do a GET a booking agent that will put me on bills with XXX signed band?

I can understand why musicians would ask about these things. They are probably hard up for money, and feel that they are often getting the short end of the stick. This mindset is perpetuated by the very institutions that they are inquiring about.

Labels are shaking in their boots about a loss of record sales, while musicians with an audience centric mindset are focusing on getting music to the people who care. If you are serious about being a musician, you should ignore the RECORD INDUSTRY. Instead, focus on the MUSIC INDUSTRY. They are inter related, but separate entities.

The RECORD INDUSTRY is still, after 10 years of digital downloading, set up to sell a physical product to a consumer that has little to no interest in a CD. It doesn’t look like labels are going to wake up and make drastic changes to that model. The major labels are more interested in crashing and burning that changing.

The MUSIC INDUSTRY is the connection between the artist and the end listener. The MUSIC INDUSTRY sells the fairy dust that keeps people coming back to shows, obsessing over Bob Dylan and allowing music to create an emotional change in their lives. This business is thriving and alive.

The RECORD INDUSTRY would love for musicians to believe that the MUSIC INDUSTRY is crashing and burning as well. If both industries stay “in trouble” then it gives a an excuse for labels to sign bands to exploitive deals and avoid artist development.

There is a growing group of artists that are in opposition entirely to the RECORD INDUSTRY. They work on the premiss that their music is for the end listener. This mindset creates an artist that is willing to tour creatively, find their own licensing opportunities, and sell directly to fans with a greater value and less overhead.

These artists, many of which I work with, are actually making a living with music. They view their music as a business in itself and ignore labels/ managers/ booking agents/ scammers.

Seth Godin wrote an interesting article on Book Publishing that relates to this. HERE.

Sufjan Stevens makes beautiful music and does not give a shit about his label being cool. Listen to his new record HERE.

The New Bedfellows single is out via Bandcamp

The New Bedfellows single is out via Bandcamp. We recorded this at Q Division studio B in Somerville MA.

listening to the Little Racer demos http

listening to the Little Racer demos Little Racer will be recording with me at Mosnterland Recording Studio in August