Producing/ Recording/ Engineering/ Mixing/ (live mixing too)

email me for a customized quote. shane@shanemix.com

Any studio time is My Rate + The Studio Rate                                                                 

I work in hourly rates, day rates, and flat rates for mixes.

Rates subject to change based upon the parameters of the project.

Production/ Album Packages

If you feel that your band is ready for a real production, send me an email. Although I produce or co-produce a majority of the records I engineer, hiring me for a production is a different story all together (far more work!).

Music Production Clinics

I currently offer a music production clinic focusing on drum recording. This clinic is usually between 2-3 hours long. This can be a private tutorial, or split between up to 5 people.

In the clinic we go over:

drum tuning
room acoustics for drum recording
mic placement, theory, and choice
drum placement in relation to mic placement
EQing and compressing to tape
drum mixing
+ anything else I can cram in there

The clinics take place at The Moontower Recording Studio in Boston, Monsterland in Brooklyn or Skyline in Manhattan.

Booking and Deposits

I require a 50% deposit to book any session(s). This deposit is non refundable.
Most studios that I work at also require a 50% deposit for the studio time. This deposit is also non refundable.

I generally book 1-4 months in advance. If you are thinking of working with me on a project, booking dates far in advance has many advantages.

– It gives you, the artist, a schedule to adhere to for rehearsals and preproduction.
– it opens up the possibility of getting deals on studio time lockouts.
– it gives plenty of notice to session musicians
– it allows for a better promotional strategy to start early in the preproduction process.

How long will it take to record my EP/ Album/ Demo/Single/Dogs birthday present?
This largely depends upon how we choose to make the recording, the preparation of the musicians, and the type of record being created. Some general ballpark figures for “rock” bands.
10 song album- 7-10 days of tracking (recording)
3-8 days of mixing

6 song EP – 3-5 days of tracking
3-5 days of mixing

4 song demo 1-4 days of mixing and tracking.

single 1-2 days

These are very rough estimates of the time it takes to create a really amazing sounding record. I have done whole albums that took 3 days, but its not the norm, and you should budget for more. If you really want to know how long it will take to record your masterpiece, email me.