Studio Photos

Kingsize North Studio is located in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. This is a laid back rock and roll based studio. The live room is great for tracking drums and recording to analog tape. Please contact me to take a tour of this great space .

Gower House Productions is a mid sized mix and overdub studio located in central Hollywood Los Angeles California. This room is great for modern mixing purposes as well as guitar, keyboard, and vocal overdubs. In certain situations this room could also be used to complete an entire production from start to finish.

This studio is also great for voice overs, post production mix, and dialog editing.

Room 17 Studio is a large recording studio in Bushwick Brooklyn. The live room is ideal for recording a rock band or large ensemble.  Room 17 has two isolation booths with sight lines to the main live room and control room. There are also several amp isolation rooms available throughout the facility and a reverb chamber in the basement. The Trident 80 series recording console provides a sweet vintage vibe.

room 17 control room room 17 live room 2 room 17 live room

Studio G Brooklyn is a fantastic world class recording facility located in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY.

studio g outboard studio g live room close studio g live room studio g drums studio g control room

The Buddy Project is a budget studio for mixing and overdub work. The live room can work well for drums as well. Contact me for a studio tour


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  1. Cool looking studio are those NS-10’s ?

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