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80 unfinished songs.

I just talked to an artist who was thinking about working with me, but decided to go the home recording route about two years ago. I don’t blame him for this decision, in that he got an advance from his label to create a record. He now has the freedom to record anything and everything in his awesome home studio, but does he? Since then, he has partially recorded around 80 songs. None of them are finished, and there is no record out.

My question to you is, where do you draw the line? Is the creative process just about the action of creating, or does it also involve the resolution of finishing.

This is one of the dangers of embarking on a home recording project without a dedicated engineer or producer. There may be no specific end point. Sometimes the limitless possibilities of home recording can be the most crippling thing for your record.

What if you prepared for your record in pre-production, but you could only afford a certain amount of time to do so?

and what if you cut your record live, making sure to get all the songs done in 3 days?

Maybe every note won’t be perfect, but it will create a record, and in my experience, it will create an exciting record this way. Usually, this can all be done for cheaper than the expensive vocal mic and preamp that you have been eyeing at Guitar Center (trust me, it doesn’t sound as nice as they are claiming)

After a recording like this is done, it has to be done. There is no going back. You can only move forward to new music, which is more creative than sitting in your bedroom trying to figure out how to autotune your home recorded vocal takes…..

If you are currently in a never ending home recording production, shoot me an email Shaneoconnorrecording@gmail.com

I can help your project to move along.