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10 Ideas For Recording Amazing Guitars

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Secret Weapons

In a previous post I mentioned my TAPCO spring reverb. This inspired me to create a short list of some very cheap, and very interesting gear that I have found useful over the years.


I use this for a mono spring reverb/ distortion box. I only run signal through channel 6. I can change the input/ output of the spring and distort the effects send. There is also a filter for the spring and an output level control. This is THE box for tamborine. I used it a lot on Jimmy Hank William’s last record, for guitars, vocals and tambo.


The little amp that could. Trashy, ripped apart, sometimes sweet. Can be had for very cheap. Run everything through it.


I totally regret selling this 2 track tape machine. It was an amazing, surprisingly clean tape delay. As opposed to dedicated tape delay boxes (roland space echo) which are notoriously noisy, this box was silent. Although I had to rewind the tape every once and a while, it was worth it in its warm repeats. I often blended the TAPCO spring into the mess.

JAX USA Fuzz Wah

The Moontower Recording Studio currently has one of these pedals kicking around. I have used it recently while recording Black Button, Sun Noir, Daisy, and Brontosaur. Fuzz and wah together is not a new concept. The special thing about this pedal is that it does neither task very well. The combination of the subtly in the wah, and the chaos in the fuzz makes it a great toy. A perfect solution to that last very guitar solo that needs to sound so desperate and fucked up. Think Xiu Xiu or Silversun Pickups.

DBX 163 Compressor

I had a few of these at The Milkhouse Recording Studio, and there are two at The Moontower. These are great limiter compressors. I use them mainly for parallel drum compression and sometimes parallel vocal compression. It adds this beautiful gooey quality to everything. Not in any way a clean or hi-fi box, but just the thing to beef up a wimpy track.

Feel free to share your secret weapons with me. You can find more of my blog posts HERE