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API 8200 Summing Mixer at Karmic Recording Studio

Karmic Recording Studio will be installing an API 8200 16 channel summing mixer into their mix room this week. I try to shy away from reviewing gear on this blog, but this is a huge upgrade for Karmic and I am excited for them.
Barefoot Recording Studio, which is affiliated with Karmic (think A Room/ B Room) has installed a Neve summing mixer this year also. Everyone is jumping on the whole summing mixer bandwagon is seams. The great thing about Karmics’s API mixer is the variation in tone from the Neve summer. We now have two classic console sounds to choose from in the same building.
For mixes that are in need of a warm, subtle distorted kind of character, the Neve summing mixer will be a great choice. For mixes that need some fast punch, with very clear high end, the API mixer will do the trick.