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What Daisy Did Right: Follow Through

I recently finished a 5 song record with Daisy, the newly formed band of songwriter Michael Boezi. I am truly proud of this band not just for the record that we made together, but for how they developed in their vocabulary of music production and recording technique. Daisy started as a bedroom demo project with slightly out of time, very lo-fi recordings. I finished the record with a band that was versed in how to analyze, criticize, and think critically about their recordings. Here are some things that they did right:

Pre Production
– We met at Jamspot to go through each song that the band wanted to record. We discussed the intended arrangement, how the songs would work together, and how the record would feel as a whole.

Studio Choice
– The band chose a studio which was within their budget so that we could work in a realistic amount of time to complete the recording process. Although we chose a studio based on budget, the room was equipped with instruments that helped with the creative process. The record was largely guitar based, so we picked a room that had a large amp collection.

Through the tracking process, the band was in continuous contact with me about their thoughts and intents with the project. At each overdub session there was a concise “to do” list that we loosely followed. This really kept us focused and left us with more time for creative use of the studio and our overdub time.

In preproduction the band made mix CD’s of songs that they like, or thought would be a good guide for their mixes. They also attended all mix sessions. This really helped to create a mix environment and vibe that was exactly what they heard in their head.